Polo Day

Today we played polo. On horses. It was awesome.

Our good friend Charles Du organized this outing – held at a polo club just outside of Buenos Aires – wherein we learned the basics of this bodacious sport.

In case you're unfamiliar with polo, picture it like this: It's basically hockey, except instead of skating on the ice like some wimpy Brian Boitano knock-off, you're riding on top of a 1,000 lb. monstrous speed demon, trying to outrun / overpower opponents who are riding ferocious, hoofed beasts of their own.

I was surprised at how easily we picked up the basics – given that I've never really learned how to control a horse (and I'm at least one tax bracket beneath the typical polo-playing gentleman).

But it really comes down to one thing: Whack that ball!

And if you're not near the ball... kick your horse so that you can get closer... and Whack that ball!!!

At least, that's the general strategy I followed. It worked fairly well, earning me two goals in our 4-1 win over Team Naranja (Honorable mention to Team Negra members Adam and Samantha for some critical plays!)

It's all very exciting, especially so when you win! And we won. Did I mention that?